World Series Baseball '95


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This sequel to the critically acclaimed World Series Baseball offers several refinements to the original engine. In addition to the 700 authentic players and 28 official teams, each stadium has been updated to reflect the nuances of real-life ballparks. You can also draft and trade players, create multi-player leagues and even play against All-Time teams. Have you always dreamed about facing pitchers such as Dizzy Dean or Cy Young? Now you can take some swings against baseball's best!

For those unfamiliar with the previous game, World Series Baseball '95 retains the close-up view of the batter's box as you swing and pitch from the catcher's perspective. Once the ball is put into play, the screen will then switch to a three-quarter view so you can field the ball and throw around the diamond. Pitching consists of three steps: first, select your pitch; second, aim a ball cursor somewhere over the plate; and third, choose one of three speeds. After you are finished, the pitcher will carry out the throw to the best of his ability.

The following six game modes are available to players: Season, Home Run Derby, Classic Home Run Derby, Exhibition, Playoffs and Batting Practice. New to World Series Baseball '95 is an All-Star Game that's based on the performance of the players during your season, so you don't have to worry about fans stuffing the ballot boxes! The batting cursor has also been changed from a circle to a rectangle to give players wider coverage over the plate.

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