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World Driver: Championship, created by the same team responsible for 1997's Top Gear Rally, is a racing game that emphasizes simulation-style driving over arcade action. In order to get the most out of the 33 cars in the game, each rated in top speed, acceleration, handling and weight, players can enter a Training mode to learn the basics of cornering and acceleration.

Training mode also offers tips on when to reduce speed as you approach turns on one of the ten featured tracks. These courses will send you across the globe, with races taking place in Hawaii, Black Forest, Las Vegas, Kyoto, New Zealand, Les Gets, Sydney, Zurich, Lisbon and Rome. In addition to Training, the game includes Championship, Two-Player Versus and Quick Race modes.

Quick Race lets you choose your car, track and race format: Practice, where you race as long as you want to get a feel for a particular course; Arcade, which involves challenging seven other computer drivers in one race; and Time Attack, where you race to establish new records. Players can also race against a ghost car in this mode (either their own or one of the game's built-in drivers).

Two-Player Versus mode has you and a friend racing on any of the available tracks to see who can finish first. Those who enjoy added competition can also have two computer-controlled drivers participate along with them. Laps can be adjusted from one to twenty and the optional "catch up" AI will enable closer races between players.

The main aspect of the game is the Championship mode. This involves entering ten events, each consisting of a specific number of laps and tracks. Yet in order to qualify for different events, players must first earn the right by winning cups and building up points. Players begin the game ranked 30th and need at least 10,000 points to receive a 29th ranking.

As you move up the ladder, the point requirement will increase proportionately. Depending on your success, you'll also have the option to switch racing teams (seven different racing teams are available in the first circuit). The ultimate objective is to win seven gold cups in nine events to qualify for the GT2 Invitational. Win the gold in this event and you'll open up a whole new circuit -- the GT1.

Now your goal is to become the number one ranked driver in the world, and to help you reach this goal, eight more racing teams will become available. World Driver: Championship also features multiple course variants (which are unlocked as you progress through the game), replays, automatic or manual transmission and Rumble Pak support. A Controller Pak is required to save records, ghost racers or replays.

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