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Twisted Metal: Head-On - Extra Twisted Edition

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A refurbished and expanded version of the original PSP launch title, Twisted Metal: Head-On -- Extra Twisted Edition comes to the PS2 with a wealth of extras and new features. With development overseen by Twisted Metal series creator David Jaffe and his Eat, Sleep, Play studio, the Extra Twisted Edition promises better lighting, higher resolution textures, and more detail on each of the game's 18 vehicles. Existing battle arenas in Los Angeles, Paris, Egypt, and Tokyo are joined by a selection of new combat zones for use in story, challenge, and endurance modes.

Other exclusive PS2 bonuses include 16 vehicles and four lost levels originally intended for "Twisted Metal: Black 2," a "Sweet Tour" mode where players guide the flame-haired clown Sweet Tooth around a brand new level on foot, and a documentary about the series' history including several deleted endings.

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