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Tomb Raider III

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The amazing adventurer Lara Croft returns once again with the third release in the Tomb Raider series for the PlayStation, Tomb Raider III: The Adventures of Lara Croft. This time she has some new moves such as crawl, monkey swing, and speed dash to help her through tough situations.

The story unfolds with some background on the current situation. In years past, British sailors discovered a meteor buried deep in the Earth. Unwittingly, they looted four artifacts found with the meteor. One of these sailors kept a journal as they headed back to England -- he was the only one to make it home alive.

With that in mind, the game begins with several key elements falling into place that will eventually reunite the lost artifacts. Lara is in India searching for one of these precious items, unaware of its true history. She only knows that local beliefs state that the artifact was to contain great powers.

It is up to you as Lara to use what little information you have at hand to begin your quest in finding the artifacts, and discovering their power.

Tomb Raider III's graphics have been updated from the previous titles with a faster engine. Such improvements include more texture palettes for finer detail, improved water and reflection effects, smoother surfaces and real-time lighting effects.

The story and gameplay are designed to unfold in a non-linear fashion, as in Lara's previous adventures, but even more so. This time gamers will be able to choose their own destiny by selecting the order in which they play each of the four main levels. The levels are also more open, with multiple routes to the same end. You may also choose to replay each level so you can avoid missing any part of the adventure.

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