Star Ocean EX: Magical Moonlit Flowers - Vol. 3

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Claude and his crew cross the ocean and arrive at Port Linga of Lacour Kingdom. They encounter Precis Newman, a cute and prolific inventor girl there. They decide to help her find mysterious moonlit flowers called Metox that have a special power to heal her friend's deadly illness. Little do they know what a quagmire they are getting into. They charge into the deserted holy land in search of the magical plants and encounter many hideous monsters. Rena and Celine get possessed by an ogre and try to kill Claude and Ashton! Can they accomplish their mission and come back alive?


  1. The Invention Girl
  2. Metox
  3. Rampage
  4. Lacour

Based on the Sony PlayStation game, Star Ocean The Second Story, "Star Ocean Ex" is now reborn as an animated series!


  • Japanese & English Stereo Dolby Digital
  • English Subtitles
  • Scene Access



  • Character Profiles
  • GENEON Previews



  • Collector's mini pencil board



  • Genre: Anime
  • Rating: 13+ (Mild Violence, Sexuality, and Scary Moments)
  • Released: 2001
  • Runtime: 1h 40m


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