Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol

(PlayStation 1)

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The original Spec Ops for PC was one of the first realistic military tactical combat simulators to be released. After its limited success it spawned many rehashes, pseudo-sequels, and mission packs all bearing the same name. The Playstation's version of the rehash is Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol. Up to two players can simultaneously play through the series of missions the game has to offer. If there's only one player the second ranger is controlled by the CPU. The single player can switch between both rangers at any time, letting the CPU control the other ranger.

Players have access to a team of five rangers, from which they can select two for any mission. The rangers each belong to one of five specialties: machine gunner, grenadier, rifleman, close quarters specialist, and sniper. Each ranger has a default loadout appropriate to his specialization; the sniper carries a scoped sniper rifle while the grenadier has a rifle with a grenade launcher attachment. The default loadouts can be changed before missions, so players can load and unload equipment more fitting their playing style up to the ranger's maximum encumbrance. Players have access to a variety of weaponry, from firearms and grenades to claymores and satchel charges.

During missions players are guided to their mission targets by a small radar screen. Whenever a bad guy shoots at the player's ranger a red dot corresponding to the enemy's location appears for a second. Players can then turn their rangers and deal with the offending scum. Sometimes when bad guys die they drop items like ammunition and medkits to be picked up. These item pickups can also be occasionally found in the environment. There are a series of simple commands that the player can give his CPU controlled ranger buddy in single player mode. Whether or not the ranger buddy can succeed depends on his current situation, his loadout, and whether he's alive or not.

Rangers have a health bar that starts out at full health, and gets drained progressively as the ranger takes damage. Using a medkit during levels can cure the ranger up to full health instantaneously. If a ranger's bar is totally depleted before he can use a medkit he's killed.

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