Sky Odyssey

(PlayStation 2)

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Action. Adventure. Adrenaline. Check.

Take to the sky in addictive, action-packed missions, flying authentic planes and jets - even experimental aircraft. Attempt to refuel from a moving train, fly through underground tunnels, and touch down on an aircraft carrier at sea. From the thrill of barnstorming to the challenge of rescues, your piloting skills and nerves will be tester to their adrenaline-screaming limits. The sky awaits...

  • Take on Pulse-Pounding Missions: Land on an aircraft carrier, perform rescues, avoid falling stalactites in a cavern, refuel on top of a moving train and more!
  • Five Gameplay Modes: Complete over 40 missions spread out over Adventure, Target, Training, Sky Canvas and Free Flight modes in stunning 3-D worlds.
  • Spectacular Aircraft to Fly: Pilot over 10 aircraft, from a barnstorming Swordfish Mk. 1 bi-plane, to a stealth jet and the F4U Corsair.


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