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Nerves twitching, you enter Castle Shadowgate on a quest to destroy the evil Warlock Lord before he unleashes the mighty Behemoth upon the world. As you make your way through the castle, you encounter deadly obstacles and bloodthirsty beasts such as wyverns, banshees, sphinxes, hellhounds, and even a troll under the bridge demanding tolls. Released in 1989, the Shadowgate NES game is a port from an earlier Apple game, built around a series of trial and error puzzles. While there are hints, they grow less useful as the game progresses, and the limited supply of torches puts a timer on the game. Should you fail in your mission, it is certain that the Behemoth will enable the Warlock Lord to wreak havoc upon the world. Use your wits (and a bit of luck) to make your way safely through Castle Shadowgate and destroy this evil once and for all.

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