Red Faction

(PlayStation 2)

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Be prepared - the revolution is coming...

In Red Faction, you play Parker, a weary miner who works for the corrupt Ultor Corporation. You reside on Mars, sometime in the future, and when a plague spreads through the mining community, some of the Ultor employees uncover a massive conspiracy. Thus ensues a battle by a group of lowly workers, headed up by the educated Parker, to expose the deadly experiments Ultor has unleashed onto its work force.

Red Faction features an innovative piece of technology that the game's creators call 'geo-mod', short for geometrical modification. How this actually impacts on your game is truly impressive, because it lets you actually feel the effects of a range of deadly weaponry. So, if you shoot at a wall, you'll take a chunk of that wall out - the geo-mod actually changes the geometry of the wall, rather than just changing the textures. It's an awesome piece of gaming development. Are you ready to sign up to the revolution and experience it for yourself?


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