Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

(Xbox 360)

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 sets new standards for the beautiful game, with its unique Teamvision system actively learning from how you play and countering realistically. Utterly realistic in every way, PES 2008’s rosters of licensed players enjoy a wide range of flicks, nutmegs, and set-pieces, while the less savory elements of the game appear in the form of shirt-pulling, ugly fouls and diving.

The competition is more intense:

  • Unique Teamvision™ means the computer adjusts to the way you play
  • Showboating skills including nutmegs and mid-air flicks
  • Organise your players to execute the perfect set piece
  • Take free kicks fast, to continue the non-stop action
  • Do what it takes to win with dives and shirt-pulling


The action is more realistic:

  • Life-like facial detail and expressions
  • Kits that stretch and move like the real thing
  • Attack and defend with greater player athleticism
  • Excite the crowd with signature goal celebrations then save the action
  • Upload a picture of your face, to put yourself in the game
  • Create or edit players, kits, etc.


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