Power Drome

(PlayStation 2)

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Get ready for fast, futuristic racing as you strap yourself into a supersonic flying craft and experience the most intense competition in the galaxy.

Race against a variety of characters, each with their own personality, racing style, and friends.

Fly around the track or through the streets at breathtaking speeds in single-player and split-screen multiplayer.

  • UNIQUE COMPETITORS — Each opponent has their own attitude and style.
  • DEVELOP YOUR DRIVING SKILLS  Learn new tricks, and continue to shave seconds off your best times.
  • SPLIT SCREEN PLAY  Once you've honed your skills, race head-to-head with a friend in split-screen mode to find out how good you really are.
  • REALISTIC DAMAGE  Panels buckle, hydraulics malfunction, smoke will plume from the blades, and you'll even have to avoid debris that falls off other craft.


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