Phantom Brave

(PlayStation 2)

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A mystical world is under threat from dark forces and only a brave girl with special powers can save it from annihilation.

The world of Ivoire existed in peace and harmony for many centuries. But this beautiful planet of vast seas and small island continents is now threatened by ancient mystic forces with dreadful powers. The encroaching darkness has turned islands once abundant in life to empty wastelands and the remaining cities into nests of violence and horror. But a brave orphan girl called Marona with the power to communicate with phantoms and her guardian Ash travel the troubled world as a force for good.

This turn-based RPG, in the style of the hugely popular Disgaea, throws Marona and Ash against the evil denizens of Ivoire. Ash is actually one of the phantoms Marona can commune with and defends her with the tenacity of the undead. But Marona is far from defenceless and can call down phantoms to possess items on the battleground in order to create a temporary army of allies to aid her in her quest.

  • A detailed and magical world to explore
  • Use Marona's paranormal abilities to call on phantoms to aid you
  • From the makers of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and La Pucelle: Tactics
  • Colorful, Japanese anime-style visuals


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