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Pac-Man World

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Toc-Man has kidnapped Pac-Man’s friends and family. Now Pac-Man must save everyone without getting gobbled.

Pac-Man World is a straightforward 3D platform game that has you play through a selection of non-boss levels each world. As a tribute to the original games, each non-boss level is a maze. Each maze level also has a time limit. You can lose a life either by running into enemies unprotected or running out of time. You’ll have to avoid ghosts throughout each maze. However, as with the original game, Pac-Man World has power pellets that make all the ghosts in Pac-Land susceptible to your chomp. There are also other pickups scattered throughout each maze level such as the fruit made famous by earlier titles. Play each board well, and you’ll also have the chance to earn an extra life or two.After conquering a series of mazes, you’ll reach a boss level. Each boss fight features gameplay that’s unique to that environment.

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