MLB 09: The Show

(PlayStation 2)

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Sony's critically acclaimed in-house baseball series returns to the PS2 in MLB 09: The Show. Just as every baseball season offers new hope to fans around the country, each new iteration of The Show dishes up a host of new in-game features, and MLB 09 is no exception. The career-like "Road to the Show" mode, in which gamers guide a young player from the minor leagues all the way to a potential spot in the Hall of Fame, includes tweaks to the leadoff/steal mechanic, additional coach interactions, and an all-new interactive training mode. Similar to drills in the Madden NFL series, MLB 09's interactive training takes the form of mini-games designed to improve a created player's attributes and performance.

Designed to accurately mimic the intricate nature of baseball negotiations and roster manipulation, the "Franchise" mode features a variety of upgrades, including 40-man rosters, realistic salary arbitration, type A and B free agent compensation, waiver wire transactions, and September call-ups. The biggest change for online gamers is the addition of online season leagues, complete will full drafts and flexible schedules that allow people to play ahead in the season. MLB 09: The Show also offers a number of new features in the bells and whistles department, including mascots, realistic day/night cycles, weather appropriate crowd apparel, and the ability to create custom soundtracks, batter walk-up music, and in-game chants.

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