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You're part of the family now. Join the mob as a foot soldier, carry out jobs for rewards and respect, and work your way up through the ranks to become a mafia don. The city of Lost Heaven has been torn in two by a turf war, with rival families, the Salieris and the Morellos, battling for supremacy and control. You start out as a humble cabbie, working for the Salieris, before going on to get involved in various shady dealings, including acting as getaway driver, subbing as a racing car driver and performing hits for the family.

The story unfolds over the course of 20 missions, with additional side-quests including car chases, mob hits and shootouts. Get the jobs done, and you'll earn the family's respect and elevate your status within the mob.

In a similar vein to Grand Theft Auto, you'll explore the city either by walking or driving around, searching for missions and avoiding police and rival gangs along the way. And as with GTA: Vice City, the architecture and atmosphere of the game's era has been recreated to impressive effect, with Lost Heaven sporting run-down hotels, dark and dingy dockyards, and smoky bars full of scary Mafia types.

But you won't be doing much scenery spotting, because it seems most of the city's out to get you, and you'll be dodging bullets quicker than you can say Cosa Nostra. Lucky then, that you'll be equipped with a satisfyingly comprehensive collection of weaponry from the era, with everything from Tommy Guns to pump-action shotguns on offer for ridding the streets of those pesky law-enforcers. Guns, classic cars, and lots of zoot-suited mafia-types - what's not to like?

  • Join the mob, run errands to earn respect, and climb the ranks to become a feared mafia don
  • Take on more than 20 missions, with additional sub-quests for earning extra rewards
  • Drive almost 60 different vehicles of the era, with realistic physics and handling
  • Get to grips with Tommy guns, magnums, colts and pump-action shotguns on your travels


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