Iridium Runners

(PlayStation 2)

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Iridium Runners takes players to the year 2050, where rivalries on the track are no longer settled by vehicle but by feet. Racing at breakneck speeds through a myriad of challenging tracks, players must do whatever it takes to win. Shrinking your opponent, knocking them over as you pass, or setting traps that will fling them over the side and into oblivion are all legal methods of being first across the finish line.

  • 20 characters and 8 pod sidekicks to choose from. Picking the right one is crucial to winning the race
  • 30 tracks to race on, each with their own unique obstacles and challenges
  • Single Race, Cup and Championship modes are available in both single player and multiplayer
  • Collect power ups during the race that give you special powers that allow you to increase your performance or attack your opponent
  • Unlock new characters, suits, tracks, soundtracks, and production artwork as you proceed throughout the game


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