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The inFamous Collection for the PlayStation 3 collects the first three adventures of Cole McGrath. These games are identical to their first release on the PlayStation 3 console. Included in this collection is the original inFamous, its sequel, inFamous 2, and the Festival of Blood DLC pack.

In inFamous, a bike courier named Cole MacGrath is in the wrong place at the wrong time. A seemingly harmless delivery explodes, devastating a city block in the process. Somehow, Cole survives the blast, but not without a few changes to his DNA. Cole now has the ability to shoot lightning from his fingers. He can also siphon electricity from nearby objects such as cars and street lamps. Because of the explosion in Empire City, the government has sectioned off the city from the rest of the world. You will choose whether Cole becomes a hero or a villain in this story. At various points in the game, you can use your powers for either good or evil. Each choice you make affects your karma. As your karma swings in one direction, your abilities will change to reflect your choices. Go for the evil path, and you'll get powers rooted more in destruction. Players who fight for good will find their powers more suited towards healing. The ending will also change depending on the choices you make.

The second game in the series again follows Cole. This sequel leaves the confines of Empire City for the city of New Marais. While Cole can still wield lightning, he'll also add the powers of ice and fire to his repertoire. This PS3 game is also in the action genre. Cole can use his abilities to destroy his enemies or to traverse the environment quickly. This PS3 collection includes all of the DLC releases on the disc. Players will have three new costumes to choose from, all inspired by the first game. You'll get access to four brand new weapons and four new abilities. Lastly, you'll also receive a special set of missions that are only available on this disc.

The Festival of Blood game was originally a standalone expansion pack for inFamous 2. "This title features an alternate timeline where Cole turns into a vampire. To rid himself of this curse, he must search for and defeat the head vampire. Cole will wield all new weapons and abilities thanks to his vampire curse. Unlike the previous games, this expansion pack has no karma gameplay mechanic. The removal of the karma system allows players to fully embrace their dark side and terrorize the town of New Marais. If you've ever wanted to check out this franchise, this is the game for you. All three titles on this compilation provide over 50 hours of gameplay. Players who want to find every collectible can expect to invest over 100 hours into these adventures.

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