Hitman: Contracts

(PlayStation 2)

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The third time out for the bald assassin codenamed 47 and more people must die by his hands - but this time may very well be his last...

He may not be as world famous as his tomb-raiding Eidos stable mate, but Codename 47 is proving that he's got just as much life in him (unlike his victims) as he continues his murderous ways in the third installment of the popular Hitman series. Once again, the business is execution, but as we see in the opening sequence, business is far from good for 47, as we finds him slowly bleeding to death. As his lifeblood seeps through his trademark black suit, the recent events that brought 47 to this critical moment flash before his eyes and it is these disjointed memories that form your missions. From Rotterdam to Siberia, the English countryside to an asylum in Romania, 47 must complete his fragmented missions and piece the puzzle of his life back together, before his old ally Death finally catches up with him.

If you hope to survive, you must treat each flashback job as if it were real and proceed in 47's usual cold, calculating and - above all - professional manner. Listen to your briefing carefully, mentally note the details of your target or targets, as well as the location and possible means of entry and escape. Once you have formulated your plan of attack, you are completely on your own against armies of heavily-armed guards, seemingly impenetrable fortresses and suspicious members of the public. Use you stealthy abilities and deadly arsenal (such as trademark Fiber Wire and dual Silverballer pistols) to gain access to your target. Use the clothes of your victims as disguises and salvaged items to create makeshift murder weapons such as bombs and poisons.

You have the skills and a dossier on the mission - how 47 approaches his missions is entirely up to you. But even the best laid plans of mice and hitmen go oft astray, so be sure keep your wits about you as you may need to resort to blasting your way out of trouble.

  • Third installment of the stylish and brutal Hitman series
  • Take on missions the way you want to: loud and heavy-handed or quiet and skillful
  • Use disguise and distraction to gain access to your target
  • Numerous weapons including garrottes, poison, pistols, SMGs, sniper rifles and explosives


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