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Life's hard for a frog away from home. Cars would rather run you over than tap the brakes, and hungry alligators have been eating frog legs long before they appeared on our dinner table. Morning Star Multimedia undestands the hardships facing modern-day frogs, and they invite you to help our amphibian friends make it home to safety.

Frogger was a huge arcade hit in the 80's, and now you can rediscover the addictive game play on Game Boy Color. The object of the game is simple: guide your frog across a busy street, through a dangerous pond, and land it safely on its lily pad. This is a great port of the arcade classic, with graphics that are even better than the original.

The levels become more difficult as you progress, but the basic layout doesn't change. Like the arcade version, Frogger has a two player feature that allows you and a friend to take turns hopping towards home. First time Froggers will be surprized that such a simple concept could be so challenging, and classic Frogger fans will appreciate the game's authneticity -- including the repetititve game play.

Frogger is backwards compatable with all pre-existing Game Boy units.

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