Forza Motorsport


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✔︎ Compatible with Xbox 360*

✖︎ Not Compatible with Xbox One

✖︎ Not Compatible with Xbox Series X|S

* Some backwards-compatible games may suffer graphical or gameplay glitches when not played on native system.



Get behind the wheel of Forza Motorsport’, the most realistic and customizable driving experience on Xbox®. Create your own totally customized racecar. Then, power through the world's great race circuits with unprecedented realism. Here's your chance to own the cars that own the competition.

  • MAKE EVERY CAR YOURS. Choose from more than 230 models from all the top manufacturers. Trick out your ride with custom paint schemes, decals, and authentic aftermarket parts.
  • TUNE IT UP. THEN TEAR IT UP. Tweak your ride from spoiler to turbo charger. Play around with ride height, tire pressure - even gear ratios. Then buckle up for insanely realistic physics with performance specs direc from the manufacturer.
  • THE ULTIMATE CAR CULTURE. Talk shop-or trash-on intense Xbox Live’ online multiplayer racing. Trade cars online, create Car Clubs, or battle your way up real-time scoreboards.


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