FIFA Soccer 10

(PlayStation 3)

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The top-selling series based on the world's most popular sport, EA Sports' FIFA Soccer returns to the virtual pitch with a smoother, more customizable game for 2010. The drive behind this year's renovations and refinements is twofold: make the game a more authentic representation of real world pro soccer, and give gamers more freedom to play it their own way. Animations and on-field moves have been enhanced, and goalie AI in particular has been honed, for keepers that react more quickly to loose balls and don't hesitate to challenge a rush.

The control scheme now allows for complete 360-degree dribbling, allowing skilled players to freely adjust their stance and facing while moving the ball down the field. Another highlight of the "10" edition of the game is the "Custom Set Piece" mode, which allows gamers to design and practice their own plays for special situations, such as free kicks and corners, and then execute their maneuvers in the heat of a live game. In addition to the hundreds of featured real-life pro players, gamers can create a custom "Virtual Pro," and work him through practice and club league play to international stardom. Gamers with a compatible camera accessory can personalize the custom player with the "Photo Game Face" feature, and set the look of their pro's face from a captured image.

For gamers who like to take charge of the whole team, FIFA 10 features a Manager Mode designed to offer realistic control over club decisions, accounting for dozens of details from salaries to team spirit. A new online club mode lets connected gamers create and join teams with other FIFA players, and to challenge other teams online in league play.

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