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Tanner's back! Get ready to take the celebrated undercover cop on a tour of Miami, Nice and Istanbul in Reflections' stunning new chase 'em up.

Long before the likes of The Getaway and True Crime were even dreamed up, one game ruled the road. When it screeched onto PlayStation in the late 1990s, Driver literally changed the face of gaming. Now, after an absence of over three years, the game that effectively single-handedly invented the mission-based driving genre is back.

Once again, you'll control undercover cop Tanner across a series of high-octane missions set in a variety of cities. This time out, Tanner is on the trail of an international crime syndicate. A mysterious buyer has ordered 40 high performance cars, and Tanner's mission is to uncover their identity and blow the operation wide open, a quest that'll take in the neon-lit streets of Miami, the rolling green hills of Nice and the arid environs of Istanbul.

As has always been the case with the Driver series, the main emphasis is on spectacular, thrilling, Hollywood-style car chases. As you work your way through more than 30 missions in the main game mode, you'll come across over 70 different vehicles, each with their own unique characteristics. Reflections continue to demonstrate their absolute mastery of virtual driving, combining realistic physics with an accessible and powerslide-friendly handling model to stunning effect. As well as muscle cars, hot-rods, pick-ups, buses and even dumpsters, Driv3r adds motorcycles to the mix for the first time as well, which present a whole new set of challenges.

Once again, there's a comprehensive replay mode included, allowing you to play the director by positioning cameras and editing footage of your finest moments. If you just fancy a quick, stylish view of the action on screen, the new 'Thrill Cam' button gives you a cinematic camera angle and a stylish slo-mo view of the action in real time.

The action kicks off in Miami, where Tanner works for a division of the FBI attached to the Miami PD. As the net closes on the ruthless car criminals, the action shifts to the picturesque hills of Nice before culminating with an explosive stand-off in Istanbul. Out of the car, Tanner has a selection of weapons with which to bring down the car crime syndicate, including pistols, shotguns and semi-automatics. Cleverly, Tanner's on-foot sections can be played in either first or third person, depending on your preference.

Driv3r's gripping storyline is played out over a series of stunning cinematic cut sequences, with voice-over work from the likes of Michael Madsen, Ving Rhames and Mickey Rourke all contributing to an overall feel akin to that of a Hollywood production.

  • Take to the streets of Nice, Miami and Istanbul as you try to bring down an international car crime syndicate
  • Tear it up in over 70 different vehicles, including hot rods, pick-ups, muscle cars, buses and, for the first time in the series, motorbikes
  • New 'Thrill Cam' gives you a cinematic view of the action as it happens
  • Features voice-over work from Michael Madsen, Ving Rhames and Mickey Rourke

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