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Use your head...both of them

  • Go ahead...Hurl your head. It's OK..You've got another one. Use it to squelch pop-eyed super-slugs — and lots of other ghouls, goblins and creepy creations. You're Chuck D. Head. And you're beheaded for a bone-chilling adventure.
  • Boing off a pole. Leap across collapsing log bridges. Bop atop a roving eyeball. Then punch a skull head for extra propulsion. Or start a psychedelic earthquake in Dr. Frank N. Stein's lab.
  • Ghastly creatures prowl Eyeland's body parts. Totem poles bury you alive. Horned beasts lash their tongues. Finally, meet Max D.Cap. And remember: if he spooks's all in your head.


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