Daredevil #238 - Marvel Comics - Comic Book

(Marvel Comics)

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The Mutant Massacre Continues! Following the Morlock Massacre, various teenagers and street gangs attempt to claim use of the Morlock tunnels, annoying Sabretooth, who has temporarily settled there. Most of the youth are scared of the mutant, but one of them proclaims certainty that superheroes could protect them, citing Daredevil as an example. To teach the boy a lesson on the mortality of heroes, Sabretooth decides to go against Daredevil. The battle in the Tunnels allows Sabretooth to discover the blindness of his opponent, while Daredevil gains insight into the behavior of Victor being determined by primitive hunting instincts.

  • Publish Date: January 1987
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Brand: Marvel Comics

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