Crash Twinsanity

(PlayStation 2)

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When their island paradise home comes under threat, longtime arch enemies Crash and Dr. Cortex have no choice but to put aside their differences and join forces. Thanks to a nifty new game mechanic in Crash Twinsanity, you can control gaming's new 'odd couple' as a single character, exploring huge free roaming worlds and smacking up enemies in this hilarious action platformer from Traveller's Tales.

The Evil Twins have invaded Crash's island homeland and are stealing all the indigenous Wumpa fruit, which act as a fuel source for their nasty technology. In order to defeat this formidable new adversary, Crash realises he must team up with an old enemy, forming an uneasy pact with Dr. Cortex.

Crash, it has to be said, generally has the sweeter end of the deal - he's able to use and abuse Cortex as a weapon, swinging him around and whacking enemies with him. Sometimes however, the squabbling duo must work together in more even handed ways; co-operative level designs mean that Crash must occasionally defend Cortex and vice versa. There's a choice of four characters in total - when you're not controlling the Crash/Cortex combo, you can play as either character individually or as Nina Cortex, the not-so-good doctor's niece.

As you whack, spin and ride your way around Crash Twinsanity's free roaming world, you'll encounter dozens of challenging adversaries who'll track you down, run away if they're outgunned, team up with others and gang up on you, so it'll take all of your skill and cunning to save Crash's home world.

  • Dual-gameplay mechanic - control Crash and Cortex as a single character
  • Streaming worlds - play through without load times
  • Creative input from Jordan Reichek of Perky Pickle Studios (Ren & Stimpy)


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