Call of Duty: Finest Hour

(PlayStation 2)

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Activision forms a truly allied front in its intense World War II first-person shooter.

After blowing away PC owners with some of the most intense and cinematic FPS action ever seen, Call of Duty comes to PlayStation 2 with all-new levels, characters and online play. Call of Duty: Finest Hour covers three Allied campaigns, and puts you in the regulation boots of six soldiers from America, Britain and Russia, each with unique skills and storylines.

You'll participate in key moments of the Allied war effort, beginning as a Russian conscript assigned to fight in Stalingrad, and eventually taking on other roles across the North African, Western and Eastern Fronts. Epic conflicts feature dozens of soldiers and military vehicles on-screen at one time, bringing the scale of the battles to vivid life.

Other missions will take you out of the chaos and plunge you into stealth and sniper scenarios - try to run in with guns blazing on these assignments and you'll be dead before you hit the floor. At the other end of the scale, you'll also get direct control of a variety of tanks, eliminating any need for such subtlety. Cannons and caterpillar tracks allow for damage on a major scale....

You'll also have a chance to have your own personal finest hour when you take Call of Duty online - work with players across Europe to complete mission objectives, or engage in a Team Deathmatch and take on player-controlled Axis troops.

  • Play from multiple perspectives - Americans, Russians and the British
  • Online multiplayer - Axis versus Allies
  • Nobody fights alone - advanced AI-controlled squad members aid in missions
  • Participate in some of the most intense battles in history


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