Big League Sports

(Xbox 360)

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⚠︎ This game requires the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor (not included) to play.

⚠︎ Any included DLC or online access codes may no longer be available on used games.

✖︎ Not Compatible with Xbox One

✖︎ Not Compatible with Xbox Series X|S


Big League Sports is a sports-themed mini-game collection designed for the Xbox 360 Kinect similar to Kinect Sports and Deca Sports Freedom. It spotlights six sports with three events each, in the form of mini-games. Each event can be played individually, or a set of three is selected to be played concurrently by up to four players in the form of a mini-tournament.


  • Homerun Hero - Swing to hit homeruns and steer the ball in the air to score points.
  • Fly Ball - Move to catch incoming hits.
  • Big League Baseball - Hitting pitches by swinging arms and torso, pitch by performing a throwing motion.



  • Shooting Challenge - Grab a ball, hop, and shoot baskets.
  • Shot Blocker - Jump or thrust arms to block throws from in-game characters.
  • Big League Basketball - Run, dribble the ball, and dodge opponents to shoot a basket.



  • TD Toss - Receive a hiked ball, dodge opponents, and throw the ball to another player.
  • Field Goal - Kick a field goal, and steer the ball to score higher points.
  • Big League Football - Run the field, dodge opponents, and reach the end zone.



  • Driving Contest - Swing to hit the ball into a field of trampolines, and steer the ball to score higher points.
  • Putting Challenge - Swing with timing and control to score points.
  • Big League Gold - Play golf against Par on a course, including lining up shots and factoring in terrain and wind.



  • Slapshot Challenge - Sing to hit the puck, then steer it to a goal to score points.
  • Goalie Gauntlet - Move arms, legs and body to block incoming shots.
  • Big League Hockey - Move through the arena, dodge opponents, score shots.



  • Score Kicker - Use timing and aim to kick goals.
  • Soccer Blocker - Use body and arms to block incoming kicks.
  • Big League Soccer - Run through the field, dodge opponents, an kick a field goal.


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