Azurik: Rise of Perathia


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✖︎ Not Compatible with Xbox 360

✖︎ Not Compatible with Xbox One

✖︎ Not Compatible with Xbox Series X|S

An apprentice without a master...

Young Azurik must learn to control the elements by mastering the ultimate weapon, the Axion. His goal: Restore balance to the universe. As Azurik, you journey through a vast, mysterious land filled with dynamic and dangerous creatures.

Master The Axion.

Master The Elements.

Restore Perthia.

The Ultimate Weapon:

Wield the revolutionary Axion and bring the power of the elements under your control.

Vast Worlds That Are Alive:

Immerse yourself in a vivid world filled with lush landscapes.

Dynamic Enemies:

Dangerous creatures will flock, swarm, and work cooperatively to challenge you.

No Loading Screens:

Advanced non-linear gameplay allows you to roam freely from realm to realm.


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