ATV: Quad Power Racing

(PlayStation 1)

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Tear it up with ATV: Quad Power Racing on the PlayStation® game console. Race on twelve outdoor tracks on mountain, snow, and desert terrain! Traverse obstacles, create short cuts, and take jumps on circuit based and natural track layouts! Compete against other riders and pull power slides and rollovers while avoiding damages or worse, a wipeout! ATV: Quad Power Racing is the hard-charging, turf-eating answer to your power fix needs, baby! Check it out!

  • 4 Game Modes: Championship (Amateur or Pro), Single Race, Time Attack and 2-Player (Single Race and Time Attack).

  • Compete with 5 other riders on 12 outdoor tracks in mountain, snow and desert terrain that erodes over the course of a race. Obstacles, short cuts and jumps fill both circuit based and natural track layouts.

  • Pro routes are blocked off until the player wins the Amateur Championship and Amateur routes are blocked off when racing Pro circuits.

  • 4-wheel independent vehicle suspension for enhanced arcade gameplay. Quads can power slide, rollover, crash and be damaged in physical action between riders!

  • 12 quads with individual statistics including top speed, suspension and grip. Six of the 12 are faster Pro quads and must be earned through Championship wins.

  • 6 individual quad riders compete for the Championship trophy.

  • 3 main camera views - near chase, far chase and headlight cam for alternative game views.

  • 1 or 2 players.


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