American Chopper

(PlayStation 2)

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Create, build and ride your very own American Chopper! Get hired at the shop of the hit TV series, American Chopper. Here's your chance to ride the bikes built by the Teutuls, featured on American Chopper. Choose from the P.O.W./MIA Bike, Jet Bike, Black Widow Bike, and more!

You'll also be sent on missions to create your very own, original themed chopper that will rival those built by Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. Experience first-hand all of the hard work, drama and thrill of creating one of the most beautiful bikes on the road today.

  • Riding seven custom choppers from the hit TV series: P.O.W./MIA Bike, Jet Bike, Black Widow Bike, plus more
  • Building and customizing your own design
  • Earning style points, unlocking new bikes, parts and accessories as you successfully complete your missions and assignments
  • Life-like physics and handling
  • Experience the dangers of the road: road construction, truckers, traffic and more
  • Fun, interactive storyline: as a new hire at the Teutul's bike shop, you will be at their mercy until you can prove your worth.


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