Aero the Acro-Bat

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A 2D platformer starring the titular circus bat, Aero the Acrobat spans 24 levels, across four themed environments. In a bizarre hostile takeover attempt by an evil billionaire, the circus has been rigged with all manner of traps and devices, and overrun by clown henchmen whose sole purpose is to get rid of Aero. Using his ability to glide for limited periods, Aero must maneuver across tightropes and moving platforms, among a host of other impediments along his journey. To aid him in his quest to defeat the villainous Edgar Ektor, Aero has at his disposal a devastating spin attack, and once found Aero can throw projectile stars at enemies. Health and extra life power-ups can be found littered about the levels.

Objectives change across the many levels, and require Aero to jump through a succession of hoops or ride in log-flumes, roller coasters, and the like, while avoiding obstacles and jumping chasms. At the conclusion of certain environments Aero will face a giant boss character, whom he must defeat to continue onwards. Bonus levels take the form of a Mode 7 high-dive, where Aero must maneuver through a series of blue loops en route to the pool of water on the ground. To make this more difficult, wind machines will appear from the sides of the screen and try to blow Aero away from the loops.

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